Alexandra Roozen


“Alexandra Roozen’s works are full of surprises. They demand physical proximity, to be looked at up-close, scrutinized. They absorb your vision, invite you to discover emerging planes, distinguish lines and follow contours. The observer is challenged to view the work again and again from various perspectives. This is mainly a result of the fact that, in order to research and analyze the properties and limitations of materials, Roozen explores the expressive power of forms and textures, of sizes and proportions. It is, however, the intense manner in which she is able to render spatial illusion that determines the magic of her work.”

Netty van de Kamp – Art historian

Alexandra Roozen (1971) lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, graduated cum laude from AKV | St. Joost art academy and has since worked on several projects, including the Youngeun Museum Program in South Korea (3 months) and at the IK-Pavilion (3 months). She awarded several grants from the Mondriaan Fund and CBK R’DAM.

Recent exhibitions included museum shows, ao, Gallery2/JEJU (Solo, 2020, South Korea), Drawing Center Diepenheim (Solo, 2019, NL), Youngeun Museum of Contemporary Art (Solo, 2018, South Korea), Stedelijk Museum Schiedam (2019, NL), De Ketelfactory Schiedam (2018, NL), Gallery2/SEOUL (Solo, 2017, South Korea), Verbeke Foundation (2017, BE), Pavilion Contemporary Art Watou, Kasteelstraat1 (2017, BE), Museum CODA, Museum Waterland (duo, 2014, NL) and the MMKA (2016, NL).

Recent presentations at art fairs included, ao, VOLTA Basel (upcoming 2021, CH), Art Rotterdam (2020, 2014, NL), Art on Paper NY (solo, 2020 USA),  VOLTA NY (solo, 2018, USA), Art on Paper Amsterdam (solo, 2018 / duo, 2019, NL), PULSE MIAMI (duo, 2017, USA), PAN Amsterdam (since 2015, including upcoming 2021)  and Drawing Now Paris (FR).

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