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Alexandra Roozen


“Alexandra Roozen’s works are full of surprises. They demand physical proximity, to be looked at up-close, scrutinized. They absorb your vision, invite you to discover emerging planes, distinguish lines and follow contours. The observer is challenged to view the work again and again from various perspectives. This is mainly a result of the fact that, in order to research and analyze the properties and limitations of materials, Roozen explores the expressive power of forms and textures, of sizes and proportions. It is, however, the intense manner in which she is able to render spatial illusion that determines the magic of her work.”

Netty van de Kamp – Art historian

Alexandra Roozen (*1971, Purmerend, the Netherlands) lives and works in Rotterdam. She graduated cum laude the St Joost art academy, Breda, and received several grants from Mondriaan Fund and CBK Rotterdam, awarded residencies include the Meulensteen Art Centre and Art Foundation IK-Island. The work of Alexandra Roozen is regularly exhibited in galleries, museums and art fairs.


Solo/duo exhibitions – selection

– Recent works, Galerie Plaatsmaken, Arnhem
– Currents, Galerie Hein Elferink, Staphorst

– Round About, Van Abbehuis, Eindhoven
– To Bend, Galerie Wilms, Venlo

– Tweening, Art Foundation IK-Island, Vlissingen
– Between, Galerie Hein Elferink, Staphorst
– (Re)move, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam

– Amidst a Surface, Galerie Hein Elferink, Staphorst

– Ruis/Noise, Lokaal 01, Breda

– Give plenty looks, Galerie Wilms, Venlo

– Recent works, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam

– Disturb, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– Palimpsest, Museum Waterland, Purmerend

– Recent works, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– Quasar, Meulensteen Art Center, Eindhoven


Group exhibitions – selection

– Parelgoud, Museum Arnhem
– Grind the Gap, Rosalux, Berlijn, DE
– Vanishing Point, Studio Omstand, Drawing Centre Diepenheim

– Night & Day, Studio van Dusseldorp, Tilburg
– Veldwerk, Drawing Centre Diepenheim
– Cityscapes, NL=US, Rotterdam
– Abstract Wall Painting, ACEC, Apeldoorn

– Formeel ‘14, Museum Waterland, Purmerend
– To the point, IS-Projects, Leiden
– Het landschap en de romantische verleiding, Drawing Centre Diepenheim
– Not about flowers, Galerie Wilms, Venlo
– I am not doing anything until I feel the need, Nederlandse Bank Amsterdam

– Behind Images, De Garage, Rotterdam
– Manoeuvres, Voorkamer, Lier, BE
– Black & White, Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem
– Once more, unto the braoch, dear friends, once more, Lokaal 01, Breda

– ON/OF #2, Kunstruimte 09, Groningen

– Patterns, CODA Museum/ACEC, Apeldoorn
– All About Drawing, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam
– Graphic Arts, State Art Museum, Novosibirsk, RUS
– Salon du Dessin Contemporain Drawing Now, Paris, FR

– Recent works, Galerie Hein Elferink, Staphorst
– ISNO62, Contemporary Art Projects, Sidney, AUS
– Big Black, IS-Projects, Leiden
– Zusam, Alte Post, Neuss, DE
– Colour Matters #5, Kunstruimte 09, Groningen

– Formeel ‘09, Museum Waterland, Purmerend
– Pour faire simple, Paris Concret Paris, FR
– White, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam

– Minimentaal, Galerie Roger Katwijk, Amsterdam
– Properties, IS-Projects, Leiden

– Springbalsemien, Pictura, Dordrecht
– Face Surface, Christine De Ketelaere Gallery, Tielt, BE

– Handle with care!, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– Sweet little sixteen, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– M.A.C. #2, MU, Eindhoven
– M.A.C. #1, Galerie Jan Colle, Gent, BE

– Des Pudels Kern, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– Innerbeat, De Veemvloer, Amsterdam
– Raamwerk, RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden
– Perfors, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
– Stash, Tent, Rotterdam


Exhibitions before 2005 – selection

Tent, Rotterdam / Museum De Beyerd, Breda / Galerie Van Den Berge, Goes / Galerie Van Wijngaarden, Amsterdam / Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam / The Stenersen Museum, Oslo (NO) / Kunsthuis Syb, Beetsterzwaag / De Fabriek, Eindhoven / Institut Néerlandais, Paris (FR) / Artist initiative ROSA, Breda / Zeche Zollverein, Essen (DE)


Essays – selection

2014 – Dr Lodermeyer, Peter; What is a horizon? Published in monography ‘Tweening’. Dr Peter Lodermeyer is an art historian, art critic, author, and curator based in Bonn, Germany.

2013 – Dr de Boer, Cees; Between Eye and Understanding. Published in Manually/Semi/Automatic #3. Dr Cees de Boer, Amsterdam NL, has been active as a lecturer, writer and curator (2015, Venice Biennale) since 1983.

2012 – Dr Kockelkoren, Petran; The disruption of the understanding of meaning. Published in Manually/Semi/Automatic #2. Dr Petran Kockelkoren is a philosopher and professor emeritus at the University of Twente.

2010 – Van de Wiel, Saskia; Chaos as Solution. Published in monography ‘Ruis/Noise’. Saskia van de Wiel is art historian and curator Museum Van Bommel Van Dam, Venlo.

2010 – Dr Mulder, Bela; Reflections of a Scientist. Text for solo exhibition ‘Ruis/Noise’, Lokaal 01 (Breda, NL). Dr Bela Mulder is Theoreticus Biophysics AMOLF/FOM.


Stipends and awards

2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2005, 2004 Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam,NL

2016, 2012, 2009, 2008, 2006, 2001 Centre for Visual Arts, Rotterdam, NL
2009 Stokroos Foundation, Utrecht, NL
2008 TNO, Eindhoven, NL, organization for Applied Scientific Research

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