Anke Roder ( Bayreuth 1964) is a Dutch based painter living in Zandeweer, north coast of the Netherlands. Her studio is surrounded by a big artist garden, composed like a living colour changing painting and combining form and structure of plants. These colours of nature are of great importance for her paintings. The blushing sky has similar shades of pink and red as the blooming roses, translated into colour tones in her landscapes.

Coastal walks reflect a greater space, empty planes and fields are changing every season and absorb the luminous skies. We remember clouds, shades and shadows,  reflections of light, all together as a philosophical space. She always had a deep interest in natural surroundings and phenomena and works with an awareness of being part of a greater picture.

An orchestration of color: As a painter she creates soothing colour melodies of places inbetween the lost paradises and dreamed  utopias. Places she travelled resonate in her landscape paintings and refer to old masters in eastern and western landscapeart. The landscape  is seen as floating colourfields, with subtle changes of light and atmosphere, colour value, radiant colours surrounded by colour harmonies with painterly freedom.

Combining  materials: the skypart painted in many layers of encaustic is a space of the unknown, the oilpart below with firm strokes of palette knife and brushes of different size is the materiality of our surroundings. Combining these two elementary different ways of painting we see unexpected colour relationships and a relaxed approach to interpreting forms and shapes as seen in realistic landscapes.

In her botanic paintings and collage works we see a great sense of proportion – giving minor accents the right energy to have effect and tempering big surfaces just enough to prevent them from dominating.  And these especially ensure that the curious representations of vegetation comfort rather than haunt, enchant rather than alienate.


1976-1978 Hans Furler Gymnasium, Oberkirch Dld.
1978-1984 VWO St. Thomas College, Venlo
1984-1986 Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht
1986-1989 Koninklijke Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, ‘s-Hertogenbosch

2021 De Utrecht Leeuwarden ‘Zee-Planeten’
2021 KunstRAI Amsterdam‘Rainbow Light’
2019 Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘De Zeereis’
2018 KunstRAI Amsterdam ‘Painters Fern’
2016 KunstRAI Amsterdam ‘Over de Zee’
2016 Galerie de Vis ‘Fantastic Flowers’
2015 KunstRAI Amsterdam ‘Silent Landscapes’
2014 37 PK Haarlem ‘Zon Maan Wolken’
2014 KunstRAI Amsterdam ‘Fields of Colour’
2014 Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Zon Maan Wolken’
2013 Jan Van Hoof Galerie ’s-Hertogenbosch ‘Fields of Colour’
2012 Galerie Anderwereld Groningen
2012 Jan van Hoof Galerie ’s-Hertogenbosch ‘Change of Light’

GROUP (selection)
&Gallery Edinburgh Uk ‘On Paper’
&Gallery Edinburgh Uk ‘Winter Show’
PAN Amsterdam
Galerie Wilms Venlo ‘Wanderlust’
Kunsthal 45 Den Helder charity auction ‘Kunst naar de Kelder’
&Gallery Edinburgh UK ‘Tiny Yet Mighty’
Ribe Kunstmuseum Denmark ‘Stilhed før Storm’
Galerie Wilms Venlo ‘Private PAN Artshow’
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Artist’s Call: stay tuned-keep connected’
Moving Gallery Utrecht ‘It’s a Jungle’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Nature Calling’
Galerie Wilms Venlo ‘Amuse’ galleryshow and online exhibition
&Gallery Edinburgh Uk ‘4th anniversary exhibition’
Art & Antik Messe Münster Galerie With Tsjallling
&Gallery Edinburg UK ‘Winter Exhibition’
Galerie With Tsjalling Groningen ‘The Great Escape’
PAN Amsterdam
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Art Noord’
KunstRAI Amsterdam
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen‘Van Thom tot nu-Verzamelde werken’
Galerie Wilms Venlo ‘Amuse’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Vier het Landschap’
De Ketelfactory Schiedam ‘Stil’
Museum Ijsslstein ‘Verlicht Mij’
PAN Amsterdam
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Art Noord’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Flowers and Birds’
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Oase Oranjewoud’
De Ketelfactory Schiedam, curator ‘The Eye is the Centre/Magnify Me’
PARK Tilburg ‘Nothing but Good’
&Gallery Edinburgh Uk ‘Connection’
We Like Art @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
PAN Amsterdam
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Zomerhuisjes en Vergezichten’
Benetton Foundation Treviso/Italy ‘Imago Mundi’
KunstRAI Amsterdam
De Aanschouw Rotterdam ‘Overschilderschilderij #121’
Studio van Dusseldorp Tilburg ‘La Grande Finale’
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Vrij naar Jan Mankes’
PAN Amsterdam
Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo ‘Nothing, if not beautiful – In the City’
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Paper Made’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Zomergasten’
UMCG Groningen ‘Beelden van Buiten’
37 Pk Haarlem ‘Luw’
Kunsthal 45 Den Helder ‘AiR! Wind en Wolken’
Museum Kranenburgh Bergen ‘Silence out Loud’ curator Joost Zwagerman
Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo ‘Land Licht Lucht Water’
Art The Hague
Huub Hannen Galerie Maastricht ‘Perceptions’
PAN Amsterdam
Angle Gallery Amsterdam ‘Licht Reflecties’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Wadden Improvisaties’
Studio van Dusseldorp Tilburg ‘De Noorderlingen’
London Art Fair
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ’10 Jaar; Hoogtepunten uit de Collectie’
PAN Amsterdam Gerrit Benner en Anke Roder
Art The Hague
Museum Belvédère Heerenveen ‘Lichtobservaties’
NOK 6 Kunst uit Groningen en Friesland curator Fred Wagemans
London Art Fair
Studio van Dusseldorp Tilburg ‘Wind en Water’
PAN Amsterdam
Art The Hague
Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo ‘Aankopen en schenkingen’
We Like Art @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
KunstRAI Amsterdam
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘In het Waddenlandschap’
Huub Hannen Galerie Maastricht ‘Noorderlicht’
Art Gent BE
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Winterbloemen’
KunstRAI Amsterdam
Frieslandbank Leeuwarden ‘Zomer Landschappen’
Galerie de Vis Harlingen ‘Musée de la Mer’
Huub Hannen Galerie Maastricht ‘Het Noordelijk Landschap’
Museum van Bommel van Dam Venlo ‘Uit de Verzameling – Landschappen’

Docu by RTV Noord – 2023
From Zandeweer, Anke Roder paints her surroundings. The Groningen sky, the Groningen light that creates a lot of beauty. If only you look closely.