Danielle van Broekhoven Galerie Wilms

Danielle van Broekhoven

During walks I constantly see images around me that could be painted. I also photograph these. Then I post some of those on my Social Media and I also save them on my laptop. Once in the studio, the photos evoke images. But these are often still very elusive. I just start mixing or thinning paint. The colors I choose know more than I do at that moment, I work very intuitive at this stage.

Thinking back to the images I saved, I see colors, movements, surfaces and light-dark distributions float to the surface. I therefore start without sketches or preliminary studies, I also put the photos that I took aside. Because I try to let go of everything that my eyes saw and try to trust my feelings. My seeing slowly pulls me through the painting process and creates entirely unique “landscapes”. Sometimes recognizable but often not recognazible at all, and that is very good! In my paintings I share my fascination for ENERGY on the one hand and the Calmth and peace that I find in art and in NATURE on the other hand. I feel a need for stillness, attention and spontaneity. For me, painting is really a way to disconnect from the turmoil. My search for harmony can often also be found in my paintings.

Danielle van Broekhoven (Tilburg 1975)


Art Academy ABV Tilburg (Cum Laude statement in 1999)

MFA Post St. Joost – Free Arts – Breda (2001)


EXHIBITIONS (a selection)


Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen – Artist’s Call/ Stay tuned!

Galerie Wilms, Venlo – Amuse expositie

Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen – part of the collection presentation

Artspace Willem Twee, Den Bosch – Homerun#1



Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen  – Oase Oranjewoud

Huub Hannen Galerie Maastricht  – Groupshow



Gallery Het Bouwhuis, Deventer  – Groupshow  Homeland

Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair – represented by Het Bouwhuis

Crossley Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, UK –  groupshow Landshapes



Kasteel Nijenhuis (dependance of Museum De Fundatie, Zwolle) – groupshow De Lyriek van het Landschap

Artist In Residence Sterrenbos (Leon Adriaans stichting)



Galerie Studio VENNIX Den Bosch – solo

Galerie Het Bouwhuis, De Lettele – duoshow

Galerie SBK Breda – groupshow

Artist in residence Sterrenbos (leon adriaans stichting)



Affordable Artfair Londen – represented by Four Square Fine Arts

Dungha Museum, Dongen – solo

Huub Hannen galerie Maastricht – groupshow

Kunsthal Boschveld, groupshow of studio VNNX  – September Song



De Pont museum, Tilburg, Vaasotheek  – groupshow with over 100 vases

Galerie van Kranendonk, duo-show with Reinoud van Vught  – CROSSCURRENT

Groupshow The Gallery in Londen – organised by Four Square Fine Arts , Londen

Kunstenlab, Deventer – groupshow



Gallery 14-16, Texel

Museum De Looierij , Dongen  –  groupshow LEF



CBK Emmen, solo – Hidden Splendour

solo-expositie Studio Vennix, Den Bosch – solo



Huub Hannen gallery , Maastrich – duo with Yvonne Mostard



Gallery van Kranendonk, Den Haag  – solo Intensified Memories

AMC Amsterdam, Brummelkamp gallery

Museum de Buitenplaats, Eelde Botanica

Natuurmuseum Noord Brabant, Tilburg – groupshow

Huub Hannen gallery , Maastricht – duo with Nicolas Dings

Gallery Kokon , Tilburg – duo with Haitske Teunissen



Gallery de Stijl, Heusden-Zolder, Belgie

Gallery van Kranendonk , Den Haag – groupshow  Nature no Nature

De Pont museum , Tilburg – groupshow  Brabant Nu



Gemeentemuseum Den haag, Nominees groupshow Royal price for painting

Kunsthaus Rhenania, Keulen Deutschland – groupshow



Gallery De Rog, Grave – solo



Noord Brabants Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch – solo in the gardengallery

Kunstinitiative Signe, Heerlen – groupshow

Giulio Cesare & Co gallery, ‘s-Hertogenbosch – solo Langzaam



SKCG, Arnhem – solo

Gallery LEGIO kunst, Tilburg – grousphow   Made in Tilburg

Gallery de Rog, Grave – solo


INCLUDED in several collections (a selection)

– AMC Amsterdam

– Rabobank Nederland


– Achmea

– Museum Belvedère

– Groenen Grond- en Sloopwerken B.V.

– Ministry of Foreign Affaires (Embassy of Bejing and Iritrea)

– SBK Amsterdam / Breda