Time specific art installations. Slowly moving and choregraphed objects and performed events.
Installation artist Gijs van Bon (1975 ) attended the Design Academy in Eindhoven and received his advanced training at the HKU in Utrecht, Department of Theatre Design. He initially became known primarily for his abstract kinetic objects. From 2001 he exhibited regularly in galleries and art centers. He also began designing and performing theatrical, autonomous events.
The multidisciplinary objects and installations by Van Bon always move between two areas of tension: abstract moving objects and theatrical installations. He knows how to combine and use the boundaries between them to get as much as life as possible into his objects.
Van Bon lives in the beautifull small village Nuenen, also known as one of the places where Vincent van Gogh lived. Gijs works in his dynamic and active atelier ‘La Citta Mobile’ in the emerging city of Eindhoven amongst other artists and designers.

Een performance-installatie die poëzie schrijft. ‘Minuted’ schrijft met inkt heel langzaam gedichten op zand dat op een smalle riem wordt voortbewogen. Aan het einde van de riem valt het zand op een stapel. Het geeft het materialiseren van gedachte, tijd en poëzie weer.

We proudly present the ‘Klosklok’ an artwork made by Gijs van Bon,  well known in the artworld for his ‘time specific art installations’. The Klosklok is a sort of clock, with a small fast rotating motor which is slowed down so much the speed is not visible anymore. With that unseen speed it pulls down a string from a spool and drops it in the case below. The spool contains the time to come, the case filled with string the time that has passed.

The red spool contains 300 meters of thread.
It will take 2 years and 164 days to unwind the red spool.

The white spool contains 200 meters of thread.
It will take 1 year and 69 days to unwind the white spool.

1 red spool / 1 white spool, standing, 7x delayed
motor rotation = 32,3 rotation per minute
gear ratio = 3.6 : 1 per set of gears
7x gear to gear ratio= 7836,4164 : 1
diameter of cilinder= 18mm diameter
circumference of cilinder = 56.54752 mm
for every rotation of the cilinder 56.54752 mm of thread will be unwound

32,3 rpm / 7836,4164 ratio = 0,004121 rpm
0,004121 rpm * 56.547522 mm = 0,2330 mm/minute
0,2330 mm/minuut * 60 mins * 24 hr = 335,6302 mm/day
335,6302 mm/day * 365 days / = 122,5050 meter/year