Helmie Brugman Galerie Wilms

Helmie Brugman surprises with her sculptures, made of materials such as ceramics, plaster, latex and papier-mâché. Materials that allow themselves to be moulded into new shapes over and over again. With her work, Helmie poses profound questions about our identity and the nature of human existence.

The mould is the mother of the image. It determines form, structure and evokes a new world of emotions. The process plays an important role in Brugman’s work, which is why elements of the making process become part of the sculpture. The plaster mould of ‘an ideal little boy’ allows a series of copies to be made within a short time, each with its own identity. In doing so, Helmie asks questions about nature/nurture: what is it that determines who we are? Inner experience and what can be seen from the outside come together in her work. Precisely in its material concreteness, the sculpture manages to move and raises existential questions, but also questions the idealisation and malleability of our existence.