Johannes van Vugt Galerie Wilms

Johannes van Vugt (Rijswijk N-Br, 1954)


The past is a network of memories. Sometimes they come back too your consciousness, by a piece of music, a specific fragrance, or a certain gesture. The craziest things can activate your memories, but a photograph from times long ago speaks frequently immediate to imagination. Sometimes the memory has even been based on a photograph. There comes a moment which you can no longer distinguish.

Johannes of Vugt ( 1954) searches for memories in his own past. On small paintings of 13 x 18 cm and 24 x 18 cm. He paints among others memories to its youth. Precisely, less sketchy than formerly and with a remarkable eye for the light. As if the small format enforces extra acerbity and concentration.
Sometimes the pictures are painful, war pictures, farewell and dead. And sometimes they are simply paradisiacal. Nevertheless all the images are full of desire as if the time has healed the wounds . Van Vugt wants to get a grip on the changes in the past time. He paints the pictures as picture postcards from the past. Then in color, then in black blank. By the small format and serial set-up, its work has a cinematographic character.

But how private the pictures seem to be , obviously they also refer to a collective memory. That is because Van Vugt’s paintings are based on photographs, not only private photographs. Sometimes there is a picture in his memory where he finds later the correct photograph at. That can be a confessed picture, yes even a contemporary picture. Then present and past execute in each other and new memories are born.

Esther Darley, Kunstbeeld



*          Rijksakademie Amsterdam

(1980-1981) The Netherlands

*          Academie voor beeldende kunsten St. Joost Breda

(1981-1985) The Netherlands


“Start 85” Jury award ”honorable mention” Apeldoorn.



*          2015                “Hamel Desire 3 # ” , Hendrick Hamelhouse, Gorinchem

*          2014                  “Close to the Edge” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery

*          2012                “See Me, Hear Me, Touch Me, Heal Me” SBG Amsterdam

*          2008                “State of Transition Part II” Galerie De Etage Gorinchem

*          2008                 “State of Transition” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*          2006                “Domus Salmon Salar” SPEK Gallery Woudrichem

*          2005                “HappyDay” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*          2005                “Jeju,With Love” Galerie Joke van Lieshout Gorinchem

*          2005                “DESIRE” Gorcums Museum Gorinchem

*          2004                “DESIRE” The National Museum, Jeju South Korea

*          2003                “Huisje,Boompje,Beestje”GalerieJoke van Lieshout Gorinchem

*          2002                “Between Floors” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*          2001                “Gorcum Revisited” Galleries Joke van Lieshout Gorinchem

*          2000                Podium voor experimentele Kunst Woudrichem

*          1997                Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*          1996                “Presentation Snep Office” Industriële Kring Gorcum Motel Gorinchem

*          1992                Memento Mori”  Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam



*    2016                  Miscellaneous II, Galerie Wilms, Venlo

*    2015                   “Realisme Art Fair`* Amsterdam Galerie Wilms

*   2012                  ”In Gesprek” Museum Elburg

*    2012                  “ Realisme 2012` ArtFair, Galerie Wilms Amsterdam

*    2011                “Kunstroute-2011” Woudrichem

*    2011                “Relocation of Cultures” Pulchri Studio Den Haag

*    2010                 “ARTAmsterdam 2010” Galerie New Untitled (GalerieWilms)

*    2010                 “Small World” Galerie 48 Breda

*    2010                 “Sporen,tekenen van tijd identiteit” Lekart 2010 Culemborg

*    2009                 “Lucid Moments” Galerie New Untitled Venlo

*    2009                ‘’ Summer 2009’’  Galerie de Etage Gorinchem

*    2008                  “Art Amsterdam 2008” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery

*    2008                  “Presentation stable artists” Galerie New Untitled Venlo

*    2005                  “KunstRai 2005”  Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*    2004                  “Zie de Mens” Galerie Joke van Lieshout Gorcum

*    2004                  “KunstRai 2004”  Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*    2003                “Dutch Variations on Greece” Nederlands Instituut  Athens

*    2002                “Chess” Galerie Joke van Lieshout  Gorinchem

*    2001                “Virtual” Amsterdam

*    2001                “Twee Eeuwen Gorcum in beeld” Gorcums Museum

*    2001                “Blijf van mijn Lijf Dordrecht” Stadhuis Dordrecht

*    2000                “Galerie Toilet” Winston  Amsterdam

*    2000                 ‘’Kinderportretten’’  Stadhuis Gorinchem

*    1999                Foyers Féminins de France Paris France

*    1999                Dutch Institute Athens Greece

*    1999                ”The European Fine Art Fair “ SB Gallery/Herald Tribune

*    1999                Biennale Internationale Dell’Arte Contemporaine Firenze  Italy

*    1998                Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*    1996                “Kunst-Rai” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amsterdam

*    1995                “Kunst-Rai” Suzanne Biederberg Gallery Amster­dam

*    1995                “Terug in Gorinchem” Stadhuis Gorinchem

*    1995                “The European Fine Art Fair” SB Gallery/The Herald Tribune

*    1994                “Babies en Bambies” Arti et Amicitiae  Amsterdam

*    1991                “Amsterdam” Thema-tentoonstelling Verbeel­ding BV

*    1991                “Study for a Portrait of a Child” Pulitzer Art Gallery Amsterdam

*    1989                Artotheek/CBK  Osdorp Amsterdam

*    1987                “Tekeningen” Nieuwe Doelen Gorinchem

*    1985                “Start’85” Centraal Beheer Apeldoorn

*    1985                Museum De Beyerd  Breda


Museum de Beyerd Breda

Gorcums Museum Gorinchem

CBK Dordrecht

CBK Amsterdam

Collection AMZU Utrecht

Dutch Institute Athens Greece

National Museum of Jeju South Korea

Private collectors