Lidy Jacobs

The work of Lidy Jacobs can best be characterized, where the opinion is formed between the eye and the brain. The basic impulses of art, creating a new kind of creature through the soft sculptures and collages, are simultaneously presented in an underworld, where the dynamics of our existence come to life.

Jacobs’ images are fierce, both substantively and in form; they confirm the collective consciousness of the eternal duality of man, namely the intellect versus the physical.

In the soft sculptures and collages the sculptural form and extreme attention to detail dominate. That commitment to classical perfection and balance give her most shocking pictures a universal charge.

Balancing between eroticism and childlike innocence, Jacobs’ work raises questions about sexuality, beauty, malleability of the human body and normative imaging in mass culture. She starts a dialogue with the glamorous image that upholds the tireless modeling world. She knows what the power of watching induces. With her scissors she cuts out advertising material, leaving only contours, until just fabrics of lace remain. Only when the plasticity and the anecdotal are cut out, the images take on their intended effect, a universal image of movement, nudity and atmosphere that reveal the essence of man.

At the same time, the public is bewildered by the biting humor in her work. She enjoys confusing the spectator, breaking the fixed viewing and thinking patterns.

With her soft images, Lidy Jacobs shows the many facets of sexuality. She is searching for the authentic sexuality, an unmistakably strong feeling in the form of life instinct that is present from birth and not overruled by outside stimuli. She reveals the duality of sexual feelings. In her work, you witness the softness of the skin. There is a softness, which scares as we become sensitive and vulnerable. However, there is also a raised lust and desire to be touched. This ambivalent consciousness of softness is the challenge, the communication problem to be resolved between people, and also the possibility to acknowledge and recognize your inner sexual being.

This is the essence of Jacobs’ work. Despite the welcoming nature of the cuddly fur of the sculptures and the soft skins in the paper collages, you can also see the venom. Her work with a taste of sweet and sour is tempting but also repel.

Jacobs work is included in national and international collections including the Museum of Modern Art Arnhem, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Groninger Museum, Groningen, the Dutch Central Bank, Amsterdam.

She is widely represented in collections in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.

Lidy Jacobs

1959    Born in Heerlen, lives and works in Rotterdam
1977 –  1979   Studied at the Eijkhagen college in Heerlen
1979 – 1984    Studied painting, drawing and design at the Academy for Visual Arts, Rotterdam    

Solo Exhibitions:
2016    – Rotterdam Contemporary, Galerie Wilms
2014    – ‘Self saucing Cakes’ de ruimte van Rolf, Gouda
2013    -“Pink Couple”, Marian Cramer Projects, Amsterdam
-“Double Power in Clay and Paint” Hommes galerie, Rotterdam
2011    -Lidy Jacobs,  Galerie Wilms, Venlo
2010    -“Squeeze up softness”, Christian Ouwens, Rotterdam
2009    -“Lidy komt logeren”, Galerie Lutz, Delft
-Solo Lidy Jacobs, Art Amsterdam, Amsterdam
2008    -“Glasshouse aviators”, DokKunst, Delft
-“Carves out gleaming glamour”, Parrotta Gallery, Stuttgart,Germany
-“Rabbit bedroom”, Parrotta Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2007    -Groninger museum, Groningen
2004    -“Hanging’-gangbang”, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Rotterdam
2003    -Museum van Nagsael, Rotterdam
2001    -“Breeze of air,Hortus Ludi” galerie Snoei, Rotterdam
-“Lidy Jacobs”,selectie Gosse Oosterhof,Galerie Cieremans&Cie, Rotterdam
1999    -Galerie Rob de Vries, Haarlem
-Galerie Maurits van de Laar, Den Haag
-“Heavy Petting”, Groninger Museum, Groningen
1997    -Cokkie Snoei gallery, Rotterdam
1995    -“Hairy Spots”, galerie Beam, Nijmegen
1994    -“ De pluchen tuin”, Galerie Snoei, Art de Cologne
1992    -“Stadsratten en teddyberen”, Galerie Snoei
1991    -Galerie 1781,Dordrecht
1990    -Galerie Brutto Gusto, Rotterdam
1989    -Galerie Brutto Gusto,Rotterdam

Group Exhibitions
2016    – AFFECTIONS, Galerie Wilms
2015    – Open,  Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle
– Amuse, Galerie Wilms, Venlo
– In search of meaning, Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle
2014    – 45 jaar Galerie Lutz, Delft
– Kust4Kids 2014, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
2013    – Art The Hague, Galerie Wilms
– Raw Art, bij Marian Cramer, Rotterdam
– “Handmade”, Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
– Groepstentoonstelling, Galerie Wilms, Venlo
–  “Eva ontbloot”, Willem3, Vlissingen
– “De Stad, de kunstenaars, 25 jaar Stadscollectie Rotterdam”, Museum Boijmans van Beuningen
– “Met Ineke Wertheim Sarah van der Pols Willem Goedegebuure”, Galerie Lutz, Delft
– “Drinnen/ binnen, buiten/Draussen, met Ineke Wertheim& Heike Kati Barath, Amsterdam/ Zulpich
2011    -“She me”, Stedelijk museum Zwolle
2010    -“Huisopstelling voor 1 jaar”, GB5, Rhoon                                                         –
-“Kunst-Stof,Textiele kunstvormen”, Galerie-Bibliotheek-Zelhem, Zelhem
-“Horus Medicus”, Kunstverein Bad Salzetfurth E.V.Kunstgebaude Sclisshof Bodenburg, DE
-“On Paper 2010” Stalke Galleri, Kirke Sonnerup, Denmark
-“Summer of love”, Wallgallery at 37th floor/ The Red Apple, Rotterdam
-“On paper”, Stalke galerie, Kirke Sonnerup, Denmark
-“In de vitrine”,De aanschouw, Frank Taal, Rotterdam
-“Meating”, curator Tineke Schuurmans, Tilburg
-“Maand van de collages”, Bob Smit, Rotterdam
2009    -“Ohne Nachbarn geht’s nit”, RC de Ruimte, Ijmuiden
-“Friendly fire, voormalig fotomuseum, Rotterdam
-“Art Amsterdam” Logeren bij Lutz, Amsterdam
-“Textiel Bienale” Museum Rijswijk, Rijswijk
-“Archeologie van de toekomst”, Designhuis, curator Li Edelkoort, Eindhoven
– Exhibition of International Collage”, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
-“Salon Parkstad”, Schunck, Glaspaleis, Heerlen
2008    -“Vogelhuisjes”, Galerie Lutz, Delft
-“Flowerpower”, galerie Poonberg, Rotterdam
-“Salon@M2R”, zwervende tentoonstelling, Rotterdam
-“Het huis, de kamers 2”, Heden, curator Marten Hendriks, Denhaag
2007    -Cokkie Snoei at Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam
-De Willem 3, Aktuele kunst Vlissingen, Vlissingen
-Cokkie Snoei at Art Athene, Greece
2006    -“Cokkie Snoei at Art Rotterdam”, Rotterdam
-“Cokkie Snoei at Art Basel”,  Basel, Switzerland
-“Mensbeeld”, artstore, Rotterdam
-“Handle with care”, Phoebus, Rotterdam
-“You and me“, Ileana Tounta Comtemporay Art, Athene, Greece
-“Cokkie Snoei at Art Cologne”, Germany
-“Coming home for Christmas”, Kunstcentrum Signe, Heerlen
2005    -“Composed Compost” Kunstruimte de vrije schuur’, Rotterdam
-“Black and White and a little bit of colour”, Museum voor Kunst Arnhem”
-“Cokkie Snoei at Rai Amsterdam”,  Amsterdam
-“Symposion Gorinchem”,  Gorcums Museum, Gorinchem
-”Made in Rotterdam”, Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
2004    -“Het gebaar”, museum BEELDEN AAN ZEE, Scheveningen
-“The Hangin’  Gang Bang”  Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
-“Prospecten van nooit vermoed schoon”  Tent, Rotterdam
-“VS”, Kunstruimte de vrije schuur”, Rotterdam
-“Koelnmesse bij Cokkie Snoei”, Art   Cologne”, Keulen
2003    -”Receptie, Cokkie Snoei, Rotterdam
-“Bosgezichten”,Galerie Lutz,Delft
-“Exsight”, Gil & Moti Homegallery, Rotterdam
2002    -“Room the shop” Room, Rotterdam
-“Weke delen”, MuseumBoijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam
-“Art Brussels”, Cokkie Snoei, Brussel, België
-“Gardening with artists 2”,Centrum voor Actuele Kunst, Vlissingen
-“Beeldhouwers logeren in Museum Henriette Polak”,Museum H.P.,Zutphen
-“It’s  Unfair” , Museu m De Paviljoens”, Almere
2001    -“Nederlands Textiel; traditie en vernieuwing,1950-2000”,Doornik, Belgie
-“Red Ribbon Art”Groninger Museum
-“Kijk naar je eigen”, CBK, Rotterdam
-“Le textiele neerlandais” Tournai, Belgie
-“Ruimte bezetten” Stadhuis, Rotterdam
-“Torch tuinshow”, Torch, Amsterdam
-“Light Writings”, Room, Rotterdam
-“Milano-Europa 2000” Permanente, Milaan, Italie
-“Art Forum Berlin”, Cokkie Snoei gallery,Berlin,Germany
-“First Floor” Via creatieve communications, Rotterdam
-galerie Cieremans Cie, Rotterdam
-“Cristmas scenes” Artspace Witzenhausen, Amsterdam
-“The Sweatshop”, W139, Amsterdam
2000    -“Bloemen van de Nieuwe Tijd “Noordbrabants Museum, ‘sHertogenbosch
-Arco, Cokkie Snoei Gallery, Madrid, Spain
-“ANP”, Gent, Belgium
-“Not a Lear”, Torch, Amsterdam
-“Poesie, Love, Sneeuwwitje, Pfft…, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem
-“ZOMERBODE2”Galerie Lutz, Delft
-“Bloemkunst”, kasteel Groeneveld, Baarn
-“ANP”, Gent, Belgium
-“ANP”, Paris, France
1999    -“Een keuze”, Aanwinsten 1998, De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam.
-“Soft Sculptures”, Nederlands Textielmuseum, Tilburg
-“Mix 4”, Galerie Rob de Vries, Haarlem
-“Zolderbloei”, Kasteel van Rhoon, Rhoon
-“KunstRAI”, Cokkie Snoei, Amsterdam
-“Basel Kunstbeurs”, Cokkie Snoei, Basel
-“Desir”, Art Prosess, Paris
-“Zing in SdB”, Salle de Bains, Rotterdam
-“M.E.M.”,Will Lutz, Delft
1998    -“Wereld van verschil” Kunstenaressen in de gemeentemusea Arnhem”, Museum voor Moderne Kunst  Arnhem
-“Soft  Sculptures & Zweefmeisjes”, Cokkie Snoei,Rotterdam.
-Gramercy Art Fair, Cokkie Snoei/Torch, New York.
-KunstRAI, Cokkie Snoei, Amsterdam.
-“Lopende Zaken”, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam.
-“Big enough for both of us” Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam.
-Never  Mind”, Art : Concept, Paris.
-“Mehr nicht”, Centrum Beeldende Kunst Villa Alkmaer, Rotterdam.
-“DoFeSu”, ANP, Antwerpen.
1997    -“Angelus Novus”, galerie Sanguine, Paris (soft sculptures).
-“Smart Show Goes To Sea”, Cokkie Snoei/Torch at the Smart Show’97,
-Stockholm/Helsinki (soft sculptures).
-“ Exotik Erotik”, Galerie im KunstlerHaus Bremen, Bremen (soft sculptures) .
-“Moulin Rouge Promenoir 3”, Salle de Bains at galerie Gutharc, Paris
-“Voor mijn moeder”, Leiden Cultuurstad ‘97
-“Angelus Novus”, London
-“Austerlitz Autrement”, Cokkie Snoei/Art Concept, Parijs.
-“Angelus Novus”, Gracie Mansion Gallery, New York.
-“Het beste van het beste volgens F.Franciscus”, galerie  Flatland,Utrecht.
1996    -“Fresh Breeze”, Nova Zembla, ‘s Hertogenbosch
-“Succubus”, Cokkie Snoei gallery, Rotterdam
-“The Petshop, Stelling gallery, Leiden
-“Natur-Mensch”, Cokkie Snoei/Torch at the Art Basel, Basel
-“Exotik Erotik”, Ursula Blickle Stiftung, Kraichtal, Germany
1995    -Cokkie Snoei gallery, Amsterdam
-“Beam Preview”, galerie Beam, Nijmegen
-“In Helvetia”, galerie Beam at ArtFair Zurich
-Cokkie Snoei gallery, Art de cologne, Cologne
-Cokkie Snoei gallery, Amsterdam
-Cokkie Snoei/Torch at the Art Basel, Basel
1994    -“Babies and Bambies”, Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam
-“Animals, dead and alive”, Museum Jan Cunen, Oss
-“The Happy Room”, ExpoHenk, Rotterdam
-Galerie Artikel, Tilburg
-“Animals, dead and alive”, Noordbrabants Natuurmuseum, Tilburg
-Galerie Snoei, Rotterdam
-“Galerie ‘94”, Galerie Snoei at the Kunsthal, Rotterdam
-Salle de Bains, Rotterdam
-Kasteel van Rhoon, Rhoon
-Kasteel van Rhoon, Rhoon
1993    -Salle de Bains, Rotterdam
-“Hiding Revealing”, Galerie in Suto, Aalst. Belgium
-Galerie Snoei at the KunstRAI, Amsterdam
-“Animals, dead and alive”, Museum de Wieger, Deurne
-Salle de Bains, Rotterdam
-“Lipservice”, Galerie Snoei at the UnFair, Cologne
1992    -Salle de Bains, Rotterdam
1990    -Assortie”, H.A.L. (survey exhibition of forty Rotterdam artists monoprints)
1988    -“VBK”, Dordrecht 

-Gemeentemuseum Arnhem, Arnhem
-Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam
-Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Hague
-Groninger Museum, Groningen
-De Nederlandse Bank, Amsterdam
-Textile Museum, Tilburg
-Centre for the Visual Arts (CBK), Rotterdam
-Private collections in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy,  the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United States

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