Lisanne Hoogerwerf Galerie Wilms

My artworks depict real-unreal places: places that you can’t find in ordinary reality, but that are made with real materials like pieces of wood, sand, glue, and painted canvas. I create my art as a way to visualise inner and outer human landscapes. Working mainly from imagination, I want to lay hold on an archetypal language.

My studio floor functions as a stage upon which I build, capture, and deconstruct my landscapes. With my scenes, I sometimes refer to global developments, like the pandemic, the climate crisis and environmental issues. The scenes are emptied of the hustle and bustle of everyday life: no traffic or crowded cityscapes to be seen. Contrasting characteristics and elements can be linked to my work, for example: utopian/dystopian, playfulness/seriousness, society/nature, beauty/drabness