Riki Mijling Galerie Wilms

Dutch sculptor Riki Mijling (1954, Nijmegen, the Netherlands) works in a rich tradition of non-objective, post-minimalist sculpture. The twentieth century art genealogy shows a forceful line of abstract-geometry, with pioneers such as Kasimir Malevitjs, Vladimir Tatlin, Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

Developments in art since the mid-1960s show how artists expanded on this legacy, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. In the United States artists like Carl Andre, Donald Judd and Robert Morris burst onto the scene, causing a landslide with their minimalist approaches, a radical simplification of forms and dissolving ‘meaning’ in the traditional sense.

And in the Netherlands too, artists sought for new forms of expressiveness, for a formal and linguistic reduction, no-longer connected to representation and story-telling. With her sculpture––and her works on paper too––Mijling expands on this rich tradition of essentialism, developing a characteristic and unique visual language.
Mijling pairs a reductionist approach with a warm, ‘charged’ character of her sculptures in waxed steel, Cor-Ten steel, glass and stone. It distinguishes Mijling from so many contemporaries and admired forerunners, and raises the question whether the concept of ‘minimalism’ is, in Mijling’s case, still applicable.

​The non-referential, archetypical forms of Riki Mijling’s sculptures lead back to basic elements, to universal significance of timeless forms. Unmistakably ‘Mijling’ is a quest for an ideal line, for pure form and a new experience of space, of the balance between matter and non-matter.

Riki Mijling, Nijmegen, the Netherlands, 1954
​Royal Academy for Art and Design, Den Bosch,
Monumental Art, graduation 1980

Riki Mijling lives and works in Amsterdam and Amoreiras Gare (Portugal)

Riki Mijling in Collections

HM King Willem-Alexander and HM Queen Máxima of the Netherlands
HRH Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands
Arithmeum, Museum für diskrete Mathematik, Bonn
The British Museum, London
DSM Art Collection, Heerlen
KPMG Art Collection, Amstelveen
Ministery of Social Affairs, The Hague
Mondriaanhuis, Museum for Constructive and Concrete Art, Amersfoort
Collection Horst Bartnig
Collection John and Claire Benjamins
Collection Halswick-Wagner
Collection Barbara and Michael Held
Collection Cole Morgan
Christiane zu Salm, About Change Collection
Collection Paula and Willem Wachter
Collection Van Zadelhoff
Private collections in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Great Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Netherlands

Past Exhibitions

‘Jubileumtentoonstelling Hydrografie #8’,
Vishallen IJmuiden
‘The Netherlands, the other country for art’,
Centre d’art contemporain (CAC), Meymac (FR)
‘Riki Mijling – In Search for the Essential’, Galerie RUIMTE P60, Assen
Art on Paper, Amsterdam, represented by Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp
In Search of the Essential, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne (DE),

Riki Mijlking O2 (solo), Art Center Hugo Voeten, Herentals (BE)
Galerie Ruimte P60 Assen, a group presentations of works by Jan van den Berg, Paul Corvers, Riki Mijling
and Johan Parmentier

‘Reinheit der Formen’, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
‘Gruppe Konkret’, group exhibition, Kunstforum Selingenstadt, Germany

‘Rostrot und Mondweiß’,  Riki Mijling/Brigitte Gmachreich-Jünemann, Städtisches Museum Wesel/Galerie im Centrum, Wesel
‘Truth/Reality’, Coppejans Gallery, Antwerp
‘Void/Volume extended. Skulpturen und Reliefs’, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne

‘Similarities and Differences’, Galerie Anna Wenger, Zürich
#Meeting 8, Sint-Katelijne-Waver (BE)
Riki Mijling/Yani Wang,Galerie Rieder, Munich
Broft Gallery, Leerdam. A group exhibition with sculpture in different media
Zutphen Concreet, a group exhibition at Dat Bolwerck
#Meeting 7, SInt-Katelijne-Waver (BE)
ARTeMOZIONE, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Art Karlsruhe, with Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Vormen van Betekenis / Forms of Meaning, Galerie Schoots + Van Duyse, Antwerp
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne

PAN Art Fair, Amsterdam, Galerie Axel Pairon
Positions Art Fair, Berlin, with Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Void/Volume, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Grounds for Optimism, Tremenheere Gallery, Cornwall (UK)

Meeting #8′, SInt-Katelijne-Waver , Belgium
Art The Hague, Galerie Schoots + van Duyse, Antwerp
​Raakvlakken, Achmea building, Leiden
Outlook: START-UP!, Galerie Robert Drees, Hannover
Kunsthaus IKKP,  Rehau
Biennale Non Objective, Pont de Claix (FR)
Die dritte Dimension; Skulpturen – Objekte – Perspektive, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Entropie II, Galerie Schoots + van Duyse, Antwerp
START-UP!, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Biennale Internationale d’Art Non Objectif, Rhone-Alpes (FR)

Wunderkammer, Galerie Schoots + van Duyse, Antwerp
Rencontre (with Armando and Eja Siepman van den Berg), Projectruimte Hoofdstraat 17, Beetsterzwaag (NL)
The Pattern Reveals Itself, Galerie Claudia Weil, Friedberg-Rinnenthal (DE)
Lini-Up (with Aimée Verburg), Kunstlokaal #8, Jubbega (NL)
Meeting #1 (with Jan Henderikse and Robbert Fortgens), Kasteel Withof, Schooten (BE)
Art Fair, Cologne, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
All Things being Equal (with Shawn Stipling), Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Positions Art Fair, Berlin, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Kunstrai 2016, Amsterdam, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Accrochage +, dr. julius | ap, Berlin

Uit Noodzaak, Kunsthal Boschveld, Den Bosch (NL)
Reduction.NL, Galerie Výtvarného Umení, Ostrava (CZ)
Reduction.NL, Tatra Gallery, Propprad (SL)
Reduction.NL, Umelka Gallery, Bratislava (SL)
Kleinbeeld 2, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
Formeel 2015, waterverven, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
Skulpturen im Privaten Raum, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Sydney Non Objective, Auction Show at Gallery 9, Sidney
KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Speling, Kunstlokaal #8, Jubbega (NL)
Art Fair, Cologne, Galerie Floss & Schultz, Cologne
Galerie Floss & Schultz (with Rolf Rose), Cologne
Positions Art Fair, Berlin, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Metric (with Douglas Allsop), dr. julius | ap, Berlin

Art Cologne, Galerie Rieder, Munich
Concreet NU, Zoetermeer (NL)
Reduction.NL, Centrum Sztuki Galerie El, Elblag (PL)
Socha a Objekt XIX, Bratislava (SL)
Flow Fine Art Gallery, Hitdorf am Rhein (DE)
Tech. Art. Intersect, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
The Solo Project, Basel (with Siegfried Kreitner), dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Stilte, Kunstlokaal #8, Jubbega (NL)
MIETair, Beers (NL)
Flux Galerie (with Andrew Leslie), Budapest (HU)
Private View, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Formeel 2014, Museum Waterland, Purmerend (NL)
Acchrochage +, dr. julius | ap, Berlin

Polarity SNO 92, gallery 1 (with Arpad Forgo), Sidney
MAP, Art Projects, Blue Mountains (AU)
Art Cologne, Galerie Rieder, Munich
Form Farbe Raum (with Rüdiger Lange), Galerie Rieder, Munich
Hydrography II, De Vishal, Haarlem (NL)
EXPO 52, Galerie Connie van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
PAN Amsterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Amsterdam
Thuissalon, Galerie Z, Nijmegen (NL)
RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Sydney Non Objective Turns 100, Sidney

Riki Mijling – Minimal Means (solo), dr. julius | ap, Berlin
FutureShock OneTwo, dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Kunstlokaal #8 (with Marian Bijlinga), Jubbega (NL)
2Close 11, GBK (with Guido Nieuwendijk), Tiel (NL)
KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
RAW Art Fair, Rotterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Kasteel Le Paige, Herenstals (BE)

Centro de Artes e Cultura (solo), Ponte de Sor (PT)
Studio van Dusseldorp (with Cathalijn Wouters), Tilburg (NL)
In Abstractie, Galerie Artipoli, Noorden (NL)
Zorgvlied NKvB-expositie, Amstelveen (NL)
dr. julius | ap, Berlin

Resonance (solo), Galerie Artipoli, Noorden (NL)
Reduction (solo), dr. julius | ap, Berlin
Art Amsterdam, Galerie Artipoli, Noorden (NL)
Art-Cologne, Galerie Rieder, Munich
Galerie Rieder (with Karl-Heinz Klemann), Munich
Galerie 15A, Lochem (NL)
Galerie Dom’Arte (with Jac Bisschops), Rucphen (NL)

Art Amsterdam (solo), Gallery nine, Amsterdam
Project 2.0 (with Robbert Fortgens), Den Haag (NL)
100 jaar abstractie, Galerie Artipoli, Noorden (NL)
10 jaar galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
IB Isabel Bilbao Galerie (with Robbert Fortgens), Berlin
Geldmuseum, Actuele Nederlandse Penningkunst, Utrecht (NL)
Galerie 15A, Lochem (NL)

Gallery nine (solo), Amsterdam
Galerie Artipoli (with Geesje Blijker), Noorden (NL)
Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)

Art Amsterdam, Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Art Karlsruhe, Galerie Rieder, Munich
14 Staties, Galerie Parade, Amsterdam
Cologne Fine Art, Octagon Galerie, Amsterdam
Fidem XXX, International Federation of Medallic Art, Colorado Springs (USA)
Galerie 15 A, Lochem (NL)
Skulpturengarten Sürth, Cologne
Kruithuis, site-specific installation, NKvB, Den Bosch (NL)

Art Amsterdam, Gallery nine, Amsterdam
Museum Beelden aan Zee, VvPK, Scheveningen (NL)
Geometrisch Concreet X, Mondriaanhuis, Museum for Constructive and Concrete Art, Amersfoort (NL)
Galerie Dom’Arte, ‘Kunst en Religie’, Rucphen (NL)
Cologne Fine Art, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Galerie 15 A, Lochem (NL)
Künstlerforum Bonn, Niederländische Konkrete Kunst, Bonn
Galerie Rieder (with Peter Krawagna and Wolfgang Seiert), Munich

Galerie Dom’Arte (with Peter Kantelberg and Kris Duys), Rucphen (NL)
Skulpturengarten Sürth, Cologne
Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Kunst Köln, Cologne, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
ArtBox, multiple galerie, Frankfurt
Art-Fair Cologne, ArtBox, Frankfurt
Geometrisch Konkret X, Galerie Kunen, Dülmen (DE)

Galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Kunst Köln, Cologne, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Made in Holland, Kunstverein Koblenz, Koblenz (DE)

Galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
Galerie Dom’Arte, Rucphen (NL)
Ladenkastproject, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Kunst Köln, Cologne, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Art Frankfurt, with Octagon galerie, Frankfurt
Art Amsterdam, with Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
7e Biennale Kleinplastik Hilden, Hilden (DE)

Ladenkastproject, Galerie Phoebus, Rotterdam
Galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
Mondriaanhuis, Museum for Constructive and Concrete Art, Amersfoort (NL)
Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
KunstRAI, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
7. Biennale Kleinplastik Hilden (DE)

Galerie Michael Schlieper, Hagen (DE)
Channel Galleries, Neuss (DE)
Galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Galerie Parade, Amsterdam
Les Jardins Artistiques de Drulon, Drulon (FR)

Multiple District, Art Frankfurt, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
Gilla Galerie (with Jac Bisschops), Neuss (DE)
6. Biennale Kleinplastik Wilhelm-Fabry-Museum, Hilden (DE)
KunstRAI, Amsterdam, Octagon galerie, Amsterdam
‘Die Holländische Welle’, Städtische Museen Jena, Jena (DE)
Nikhé Galerie voor Beeldhouwkunst, Tilburg (NL)
Galerie Conny van Kasteel, Egmond aan Zee (NL)
​SBK-Bickerseiland, ‘Buiten-Beelden-Binnen’, Amsterdam