Ulrike Heydenreich in Museum Panorama Mesdag

Longing for the distance
01.04.2023 – 17.09.2023

Landscapes in all dimensions
The German artist Ulrike Heydenreich (1975) is fascinated by maps and panoramic mountain landscapes. Her magical – and sometimes monumental – artworks express her desire for distant places. She records these vistas in drawing and objects, with collages and through folding techniques – or even a huge reflective kaleidoscope.

Heydenreich toys with perspective and illusion, the difference being that she fabricates rather than replicates the view and shows you what you don’t see.

Bas Meeuws in Royal Delft Museum

Flowers in Blue

Through the lens of Bas Meeuws

17 April until 10 September 2023

Just as with the masters of the 17th-century flower still life, reality forms the basis for Meeuws, but he then bends it to his will. For the exhibition ‘Flowers in Blue’, Royal Delft commissioned Bas Meeuws to create new work and to place the Delft blue vases from the museum collection in a context where the vases belong,