Current exhibition

INNER WORLDS Michiel Kluiters & Lisanne Hoogerwerf

01|09|2024 - 12|10|2024

The exhibition will be opened on two different occasions. On Sunday 1 September in the presence of Michiel Kluiters and on Sunday 15 September (Overture) in the presence of Lisanne Hoogerwerf.

The new exhibition INNER WORLDS brings together the fascinating worlds of two artists: Lisanne Hoogerwerf and Michiel Kluiters. Both artists create spatial works that explore the boundaries between reality and imagination, each with their own unique approach. Whereas Hoogerwerf builds playful, dystopian landscapes and captures them in photographs, Kluiters focuses on the disruption of our spatial perception through photographic images and installations he creates using self-built architectural models.

The photographic works on display at Galerie Wilms raise questions about the relationship between humans and space, visibility and invisibility and the boundary between reality and imagination. This exhibition invites you to explore the complex relationship between visible and invisible worlds and to marvel at how both artists reshape and interpret their inner worlds and the world around us.