Arno Sijben Galerie WilmsThe vulnerability of man and nature is at the heart of Arno Sijben’s work. Taking a thoughtful, process-based approach, he paints to achieve a very specific mood. Sijben’s work evokes a sense of melancholy, and creates an atmosphere of tenderness, tranquillity and consolation.

For Arno Sijben, the painting process is at least as important as his subject matter. His studio can be considered a laboratory, where he carries out research and experiments. Explorations that aren’t random and ad hoc, but carefully conceived and process-oriented. Each work is the result of overlaying layer upon layer of acrylate binder and transparent liquid acrylic paint, in combination with oil paint, on canvas or paper. Chance plays a large role in his work, and the original idea or early composition is far from a sacred goal. The process is all about achieving the desired feeling. A mood that challenges viewers to see the work through their emotions¸ and be touched by it.

Closed i.v. participation KunstRAI from 17 to 22 April