Opening Sunday 3 September from 15.00 – 17.00 h.
Featuring new works by Danielle van Broekhoven, Wim Claessen, Sandra Kruisbrink, Anke Roder, Bibi Smit en Warffemius

This new group exhibition brings together the work of six artists, all of whom are permanently represented by Galerie Wilms. At first glance, the images on show are very different in nature. There are drawings, oil and acrylic paintings and steel sculptures, but glass art and encaustic are also part of the exhibition. What binds the artists is that nature is their main source of inspiration.

This inspiration is found by the artists in daily walks through nature, in trips to places where pristine nature can still be found, in memories of forgotten landscapes or in an attentive look at the movements, shapes and structures of the natural world around us. Nature brings silence, energy, timelessness, wonder, meaning and mysticism. Each artist processes the impressions gained in an entirely unique way. This is how painted memories, tranquil landscapes, new worlds of forms and minimalist signs in space are created.