In the autumn of 2022, the work of Atelier Les Deux Garçons is on show at Galerie Wilms. Their solo exhibition L’infini Mystique, which means something like ‘mystic infinity’, opens in parallel with the group exhibition Mystiek – Rituelen. Verstilling. Extase at the Limburgs Museum in Venlo. Besides works of Les Deux Garçons, this group exhibition shows the work of artists like Koen Vanmechelen, Wim Delvoye and Hans Op de Beeck.

L’infini Mystique 
shows sculptures that all have a link with the mystique. The exhibition addresses themes like devotion, forgiveness and faith, but also the urge to be touched, a feeling we all know only too well since the pandemic. The sculptures on show at L’infini Mystique are often round and soft, like a nice, firm hug in all its vulnerability. Sometimes the postures are almost impossible, similar to the twists and turns we were sometimes forced to make over the last two years.

The corona era increased the urge to travel, to make new memories and to bring home souvenirs. The antique marble plinths underneath the sculptures of Les Deux Garçons form a reference to this urge. Over 200 years ago, young nobleman often embarked on a grand tour after their studies, to further refine their courtly manners and to forge connections with other noble families. On their tour, they visited all the important cities of Europe, such as Paris, Florence, Rome and Naples. They frequently took home souvenirs from their travels, like a copy of Michelangelo’s David.

In search of these kind of luxurious souvenirs, Les Deux Garçons made their own grand tour of famous antique dealers and auction houses during the pandemic. In their work, they only used the plinths of these ancient souvenirs, to refer to this hunger to travel.

The sculptures of L’infini Mystique are imbued with emotions; from the need for a hug and the desire to travel to the fear of the world and the hope to find a new, better future.

The gallery is freely accessible at all times.



Limburgs Museum | Venlo
Mystiek – Rituelen. Verstilling. Extase.
14 | 10 | 2022 – 19 | 03 | 2023

On the same day as the opening of L’infini Mystique at Galerie Wilms, the parallel exhibition Mystiek – Rituelen. Verstilling. Extase opens at the Limburgs Museum in Venlo from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.
It promises to be an inspiring evening with special guests, performances, drinks and foods.

De exhibition Mystiek – Rituelen. Verstilling. Extase combines ancient, religious art from the museum collection with the work of leading artists like Wim Delvoye, melanie bonajo, Les Deux Garçons, Rineke Dijkstra, Studio Job and Hans Op de Beeck. They all treat the theme mystique from a different perspective. Sometimes modest, at other times exuberant. From confronting installations that encourage self-reflection to photographs of carnival and film footage that make you smile. The exhibition is composed by guest curators Edwin Becker and Laura Adams. Come and allow Mystiek to work its wonders on you!

Click here for more information about the exhibition at the Limburgs Museum.