Bertil Nilsson Galerie WilmsDuring Art Brussels, Galerie Wilms is organizing, in a private home in Brussels, an exhibition of works featuring diverse contemporary representations of the male figure.

Classical Greek culture idealized and glorified the male body. The male was pictured naked in his full youthful vitality. Nudity gave him a divine and heroic appearance. Not until the end of the Classical period, when the pursuit of idealization in Greek art was replaced by a growing sense of realism, did the female nude gain relevance, along with representations of the less ideal male figure. In spite of fluctuations throughout history, the male nude remains a major theme in contemporary art.

The exhibition “The Male Figure” is a selection of figurative representations by contemporary artists incorporating the male figure into their works.¬† The contemporary pieces will be supplemented by a few older works in the same tradition.

Participating artists:

Exactitudes, Ari & Ellie (NL)

Athos Burez (BE)

Franciscus & Franciscus (NL)

Lisa Holden (UK)

Huang Yan (CN)

Jef Lambeaux (BE)

Hervé Martijn (BE)

Bertil Nilsson (UK)

Julius Josphus Gaspard Starck (BE)