The works of artists Yves Beaumont, Mirjam Abraas and Helmie Brugman come together in a unique exhibition, which includes drawings, paintings and sculptures. The works are about being present in this world, about our place in it, about merging with nature and transcending to a deeper layer of peace and inner stillness. The opening will take place on 21 April at 3pm. The artists themselves will be present that afternoon to talk about their work.

Belgian painter Yves Beaumont is known for his poetic landscape paintings. He invites us to wander through tranquil landscapes and enjoy subtle incidences of light. His works do not demand meaning, they only demand silence and contemplation.

Helmie Brugman surprises with her sculptures, made of materials such as ceramics, plaster, latex and papier-mâché. Materials that allow themselves to be moulded into new shapes over and over again. With her work, Helmie poses profound questions about our identity and the nature of human existence.

Artist Mirjam Abraas makes intense graphite drawings on panel, in which she takes us to disappear into the intriguing world of trees, plants and soil life. Her delicate pencil drawings manage to capture both the transience and beauty of nature.