Suzanne Jongmans Mind over Matter Galerie WIlms

Boekpresentation ‘Mind over Matter’

Boekpresentatie ‘Mind over Matter’

Opening & boekpresentatie zondag 16 november 15.00 uur

Suzanne Jongmans’portretten staan in de traditie van de 15de, 16de en 17de eeuwse schilderkunst. Haar werk is interdisciplinair: ze is coupeuse, beeldhouwer én kostuumontwerper. Vervolgens zet ze als fotograaf de driedimensionale beelden om naar het platte vlak. ‘Mind over Matter’ is een oeuvre tentoonstelling van het werk van Suzanne Jongmans.
Tijdens de opening presenteren wij tevens het boek ‘Mind over Matter’.


Galerie Wilms on PAN Amsterdam

At the artfair PAN Amsterdam we’ll present the following artists:

-Frode Bolhuis
-Suzanne Jongmans
-Bert Loerakker
-Alexandra Roozen
-Isabella Werkhoven


PAN Amsterdam – the fair for contemporary art, antiques and design
November 23 t / m November 30, 2014

See and compare at your leisure the works that appeal to you and let you know without obligation. Know that testing experts monitor the quality. 

Bertil Nilsson Eike Galerie Wilms

Bertil Nilsson in CODA Museum

Sound of Silence

Silence has become a rare commodity. Sound is everywhere; sometimes desired but often unwanted. […] In an environment that requires accessibility and availability, there is little room for the experience of peace and silence. Sounds of Silence offers visitors the opportunity to escape the noise of daily life and to enjoy the silence in contemporary visual art. 

Levi van Veluw, Sandra Kruisbrink, Rob Sweere, DAANOE (Daan Oude Elferink),

Herve Martijn Galerie Wilms

Herve Martijn on Watou Artfestival

Kunstenfestival Watou

About small happiness in times of abundance


During its 34th edition the Art Festival Watou may consider itself lucky. The collected stories of artists, writers and poets all embody the human search for happiness in times of great abundance. About how we all want to be happy and how this does not necessarily lead to becoming truly happy. About how we humans always seem to be searching for something better,