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Springbuck hide black, saddle leather and magnets


Lore Langendries (°1988), doctor in the Arts since 2015, is an artistic maker active in the field of contemporary
jewellery and object design based in Hasselt, Belgium. Her work balances between the unique and the serial with a
particular focus on the tactile and physical of artefacts, the behavior of natural materials in combination with digital
technology and Lore’s own intuitive role as a maker. Central to her work is the use of geometrical shapes showing
the essence and beauty of animal hides in their most elementary forms. The material is used as an active agent in
the design and making process, handling the material as subject and matter.

Hide, the Fragment
With Hide, the Fragment Lore is presenting a new phase in her work since 2018. Hide, the Fragment reveals or
conceals, depending on how close it is to your skin. Does the fragment still evoke associations with the animal from
which it originates? Or, does the pattern or shape elicits new references? These questions influence Lore’s work in
which a particular subject is defined, creating a new reality. By cutting and shaving the animal surfaces a focus on
unknown details is created. Fragments focus on the particular skin, on the natural hair direction and specific details,
similar to a photographic image in which a particular subject is defined. It is a focus on hidden details, it doesn’t
reveal what you can see vague already, it rather reveals new structures of matter.

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