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‘Sim Salamba’ (Delfts blauwe versie)
27 x 21 cm
keramisch sierbordje, 2020

Franciscus (27 April 1959, Utrecht, NL) studied at the Utrecht School of Art. He lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
In addition to paintings his work includes sculptures and films. Since 2012 Franciscus created – together with his spous Rienus Gündel Franciscus – an ever growing series digital portraits under the name Franciscus & Franciscus. The work of F. Franciscus and Franciscus & Franciscus is shown in several galleries, artfairs and museums in the Netherlands, Belgium, China, Curaçao, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Jordan, Russia, Spain, Swiss, South Africa, U. K. and U.S.A.

Ceramic Sculptures
Since 2016 Franciscus moved more and more to working three dimensional. With ceramic hand sculpting Franciscus found he could avoid the difficult abstraction to working three dimensions into a flat surface. Ofcourse new challenges manifested themselves. Without a frame or background the figures have to tell the ‘story’ on their own and should be able to work in a variety of environments. Figures from all ages and times appear, some of them inspired by artworks of his beloved old masters. In 2019 Franciscus was invited to work 3 months at Taoxichuan International Studio’s in Jingdezhen, since 2000 years ceramic capital of China. The pieces he created at the Studio’s were part of the exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the E.K.W.C. Here Franciscus started using readymade plates as a diary of his journey. Back in Holand he continued doing so but now on tiles and plates that he makes himself by hand.


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