Isabella Werkhoven – Cover Up




This artwork is made on cardboard and produced in 2015 when Isabella was staying as an artist in residence in the Van Gogh House in Zundert (NL).


“Isabella Werkhoven’s paintings remind you of film stills; her depictions keep roaming through your mind – even long after you’ve laid eyes on them. Her images are not only ‘fetching’, but also create a certain tension. Something’s brewing. An atmosphere that’s not clearly present, but there nevertheless: unnameable, subcutaneous.

These are qualities we see more often in the art of painting. Apart from nineteenth century symbolism, often too explicitly charged, the work of artists such as Willem Witsen en Pyke Koch spring to mind. But Werkhoven succeeds in making the usual unusual. Her tennis courts aren’t so much created to play on; it’s as though we see the ordinary, the familiar, for the very first time.”

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Isabella Werkhoven


acryl and oilpaint on cardboard




35×42 cm