Satijn Panyigay – Behind Death’s Door – print + artist book


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Limited edition print and artist book

The melancholic photoseries Behind Death’s Door shows the houses of recently deceased people of whom the relatives chose a specialized company to clear out their homes. Satijn Panyigay went along several times to investigate death further.

When Panyigay entered a house, the dance with the movers and the possessions of the previous houseowner began. If she wanted to capture something, she had to do it right away, because in a couple of hours the entire house was emptied.
The photos are hermetic, there is no contact with the outside world, which results in an oppresive atmosphere of loneliness and nostalgia.
Trivial objects are the last remains of a passed life. Traces are being removed, a preview of the fading of memories. Eventually falling into absolute oblivion is the frightening fate of each individual. Eternity comes down to a constant movement of people who constantly die.

  • The book has 16 images and 3 poems by writer Kees ’t Hart, which he wrote for people with a ‘lonely funeral’
  • The book is self-published and handbound by the artist
  • Both book and print are numbered and signed
  • Second edition

This series is a part of the collection of Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam.


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Satijn Panyigay




Inkjetprint on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper


15×22 cm

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