Satijn Panyigay – Zwarte Kijkers #02 – Subscription box


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Zwarte Kijkers #02 is the second edition of a unique subscription to Satijn Panyigay’s work.

In one year you could collect a box filled with a series of prints, especially made for this project. The series of 10 photos is now finished, so the box is complete.

The start of the series was a selfportrait. The next photo was a reaction to the first photo. The reaction could be based on the theme, a similarity in composition, a rebellious respons or something subtle.
The third photo reacted to the second, and so on.
Every photo was made to fit this project. It could be a portrait, interior, landscape, still life, color or black and white.

The texts explaining all the photos are originally written in Dutch, but are also available in English.

It’s a very personal project, in which you get to know the artist better. You get a glimpse of Panyigay’s world and get to look through her eyes  – the ‘Zwarte Kijkers’ (Charcoal Eyes).


Extra informatie


Satijn Panyigay




Hahnemuhle Photo Rag paper, inkjet printed




12 x 18 cm., with description

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