Bas Meeuws – Special Edition 2 (#148)


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In addition to the book, the Special Edition consists of a flower still life, packed together in a beautiful box. This signed and numbered photo is finished on Dibond, with acrylic glass and an u-profile on the back.

A new Old master: the digital flower still lifes of Bas Meeuws

Bas Meeuws’ photos are classically beautiful yet radically contemporary. He composes his still lifes piece by piece, but digitally: the basis of Meeuws’ monumental works are photos of individual flowers. There is a nod towards the Dutch masters of the seventeenth century: their sense of luxury, but also their eye for the transient.

authors: Maartje van den Heuvel, Annemarie den Dekker, Anneke van Wolfswinkel, Dr. Renske Ek, Yvonne Molenaar M.A, Zou Wei, Drs. Karine van ‘t Land, Abishek Poddar, Ralph Lin, Guy Missotten

Product details book:
size: 25,5 x 32,5 x 4 cm
352 pages
published 08/06/2019
language: English / Chinese
EAN:  9789401458054
Uitgever: Lannoo

artwork: 20 x 30 cm
edition 100

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fotografie, gesigneerd, kunstboeken, special editions