Patrick Bergsma – Amuse blauw


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17e eeuws porselein, handgemaakte Bonsai
18 cm hoog, 15 cm breed, 15 cm diep


“there’s a crack in everything that’s how the light gets in”


In his recent work Patrick Bergsma combines antique Asian porcelain with the ancient art of bonsai. The tension between the fragility of the old porcelain and the unstoppable force of nature speaks for itself. Patrick’s fascination with antique porcelain started early. His parents had an antiqueshop at home and his grandfather collected porcelain. For his sculptures Patrick developed his own material wich has the colour and slight transparancy of porcelain but cannot break. With this material Patrick sculpts his gnarly trees that seem to burst out of the fragile porcelain as if they were left a long time ago. To Patrick the bonsai is a symbol of the power of nature. Ages ago Chinese monks took  those small trees that managed to grow in very harsh circumstances, from the mountains to their monastry to meditate about the power of nature.


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