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Ulrike Heydenreich

Ulrike Heydenreich’s recurrent theme is the landscape. In her drawings, prints, and sculptural objects, she arranges interchangeable topographic and cartographic elements into new visual worlds. All works revolve around the construction of three-dimensionality; the new mirror-objects being the most immediate and the drawings the most subtle.

Ulrike Heydenreich’s latest works, show the artist continuing to explore – and to develop – her familiar themes. She continues to pursue her interest in cartography and the recurring theme of three-dimensional, spatial drawing, while finding new forms in which to do so.

The drawings always consist of mountain landscapes with snowfields. The images are drawn from historic photo books that were printed during the period of the rotogravure printing press. Heydenreich combines selected views with imaginary landscapes. In a collaging process, individual scenes become combined as one image, so that at first glance a real landscape is suggested to the viewer. The horizontal progression of the mountain and landscape segments, however, is altered. This is found in the artificial shadows and the reappearance of single elements in different locations.

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